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Down lights are stylish and very popular these days, but they can be unsafe without down light covers. Over time, they can create a loss of insulation, allowing ceiling dust to contaminate the house and contribute to poor air quality. In addition, accumulated ceiling dust can pose a serious fire risk. However, with down light covers from Ace Insulation Removal, you can reduce the chances of a hazardous incident occurring, ensuring maximum safety.

How Do Down Light Covers Work?

Down light covers improve safety in your home through creating an airtight seal around the light. This prevents any unwanted ceiling dust from leaking into your home, aiding significantly in improving the air quality inside. As halogen lights require large insulation clearance around the exposed globes, insulation effectiveness is dramatically reduced when they are in use. With down light covers, the light globe is protected, allowing insulation to be placed right next to the guard without reducing its effectiveness.

Furthermore, the covers will separate your down lights from any combustible materials that may be in your ceiling, greatly reducing the risk of fires related to halogen down lights.

How Can Ace Insulation Help You with Down Light Covers?

If you require down light cover installation, the team at Ace Insulation can provide an excellent service. In addition to specialising in the removal and installation of ceiling insulation, we also boast years of experience in installing down light covers, plus we offer competitive rates. We also proudly service all metropolitan areas in Melbourne, as well as regional areas.

Contact Us Today for All Your Down Light Cover Needs

To find out more about our down light covers, or to arrange installation at your residential or commercial property, call us on 0412 825 856 or use our online contact form to send us an enquiry. We look forward to providing an exceptional service that will exceed your expectations.

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